How to download

Downloading i guess is pretty straight forward. Choose a show or movie, click the download link and you will be redirected to a host where you wait for the countdown, click the download button and you get the file.

If a movie/episode is consisted of two or more parts (archives), download all parts to a folder and right-click on one of them and choose “extract here”.

We use Winrar for two reasons since the files are already compressed.

First, when you download a file and for some reason it gets corrupted, you get a warning message while unpacking.

You may either re-download it and if the uploaded file is the one that is corrupted, just inform us and we will re-up it.

Second, you can verify that the file you downloaded is the one mentioned in the link, because we  provide you with the archive’s checksum in the description field in at the links page of each file. i.e a3abbfd083d3c63fd5cc112e1bde1738

How to check the MD5 checksum of a downloaded file

We prefer to upload a movie or an episode with subtitles. Therefore, you may notice that an episode was released early and we upload it way later, the reason is that there are no subs available at the time. Default language is english.

Definition of releases in the order they are released and uploaded:
HDTV (High Definition Television):
Digital recording from a source stream at either 1080i or 720p at a bitrate from 19,39mbps or higher.

Decrypted no-loss format from Itunes/Google play

Recorded rip from Netflix(NF.WEBRip)/HULU(HULU.WEBRip)/Amazon(AMZN.WEBRip) or streaming services.

This is the highest quality rip you’re going find. Most of the time it is ripped into a HD format and presented in High Def Resolution (720p – 2160p).

We DO NOT upload files with hardcoded korean subs (early releases), camrips or files with poor audio/video quality in general.

Important notes:

Once a file is uploaded, it is available for about a month or so. Then it is automatically removed. If a file is deleted and you don’t want to use the magnet link or if there is no magnet link available, just let us know and we will upload it again.

Content that we decided to remove due to a direct complaint, will not be re-upped in public.

We do not, in any case upload files that are executable (.exe,.bat,.com, .js, scr, .reg, etc) in any form.

So, unless the archive you downloaded, includes a file with an .mkv or .mp4 or any other video extension, just delete it.

It did not come from us.